Field Recording


Field recording at the Chinese New Years Parade in Vancouver 2013

Part of my love for recording comes from the diversity of jobs out there. Many people focus on one particular avenue of audio, studio work, post production, love sound, location audio, field recordist etc. But there is nothing stopping anyone from making it in a few areas. Often when a student gets out of school they will take whatever they can get, working in studios, doing live sound, whatever might come their way. This is almost the best part of ones career. Though they may not see it at the time because it’s a hard life with little to no pay. But for those who love it, it is a thrill and a rush.

The moment comes when they make an important contact, someone who can lift them above the sea of everyone else. The work starts coming in from one direction only and all other interests fall by the wayside. If only there was a way to keep the flame alive on those other interests. I think I may have found my way.

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