Not Your Average Piano Recording


It’s not everyday that you get to do a recording like this. After 6 hours of set up we had moved the piano in our rental U-Haul truck, set up the room to catch debris and improve acoustics, and get our recording set up configured. 9 mics captured the carnage as Bryan Faber took this thing down bit by bit.

For those of you wondering the mics being used were as follows

  1. 2x Neumann KM184′s as stereo overheads
  2. Rode NTG3
  3. Electro-Voice DL42 a vintage shotgun mic (sadly this guy took the lid of the piano to the chin)
  4. Shure Beta91 (aka Larry [also took a beating])
  5. Sennheiser MD421
  6. ART M-Five Ribbon Mic
  7. AKG D112
  8. NS10 woofer as a sub kick. The signal from the D112 was fed into a dual 12″ 1400W sub and miced with the NS10 woofer.

The samples recorded here will be available for purchase in an upcoming release from my sister company. Details to follow!

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