That New Gear Smell

In the last year I have acquired some cool things, and wether it is new or old, it still has that same great feeling. Some are like that first sniff of a fine wine, you pause for a moment to take in the gear in all its glory. Others you tear open like a kid on christmas. My latest acquisition was much more of the former. I had the unit shipped to my work where I know it would be received and safe, and when I got word that it was in I was off in a matter of minutes. I could wait no longer. My Sound Devices MixPre-D had arrived.


This little guy (and I mean little) is so solidly built and so feature packed it almost can’t be believed. For those of you not familiar with sound devices, they are the the standard in audio for video. There are a lot of useful features you might not even think about on here. All easily laid out with no menus and lots of connections.

I was going to type out all the features, but instead I borrowed the list from the Sound Devices site


  • Transformer-balanced mic/line selectable inputs
  • 48-volt or 12-volt phantom power
  • “Unclippable” input peak limiters, dual-mono or stereo linked operation
  • Input panning to Left, Center, or Right outputs
  • Mid-Side Stereo (MS) matrix with width control and front-panel channel flip
  • Return can be used as ch3/ch4 aux-level inputs, selectable pan and level control
  • High-pass filters, 80 Hz or 160 Hz
  • Slate microphone and tone oscillator
  • Mic/Line/AES digital selectable outputs, digital SR of 44.1 , 48 , or 96 kHz
  • 24-bit, class-compliant USB streaming output for interconnection with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and select iOS devices, computer audio in MixPre-D headphones
  • Dedicated mic-level output on locking TA3 connector for unbalanced camera inputs
  • Headphone monitoring of program audio or external return audio
  • Sunlight-viewable, 16-segment GaN LED output meter with adjustable brightness
  • Internal battery-power from two AA
  • External power input, 10-18 VDC
  • High-strength, extruded aluminum chassis with metal connectors

Wow. All from something the size of an H4n and SM58 side by side. Take a look at the XLR’s for an idea of scale on here.


I have take this out field recording a lot lately and it has been working really well. Perhaps I will post some clips soon.

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